DABEX and ANFO Blend are waterproof Bulk Explosives specially designed for application in wet blasting conditions in open pit
mining applications. They have been designed to be pump able using bulk delivery truck through a flexible loading hose lowered
to the bottom of the blast hole. This product has been formulated to be used in holes down to 35 mm diameter, dependent on
emulsion content and hole depth.

DABEX can be used by itself or in blends of up to 60% by weight of ANFO. Gassing of the DABEX emulsion phase provides
controlled modification of final blended product densities, detonation pressure, bulk explosives strength and gas volume. The
ability to gas the product allows the density of DABEX/ANFO Blends to be varied across the shot as ground conditions dictate.
Blasting costs are also kept to a minimum as bulk explosive loading strengths are optimized.

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